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2007 TCA Rocky Mountain Division

Silver Denver Mint Banquet Car

Lionel # 6-52517


At the 2007 TCA National Convention in Denver the  Rocky Mountain Division gave away the Denver Mint Banquet Car in gold (6-52417). Originally there were 200 of these made by Lionel but only 100 were delivered. The remaining 100 stayed at Lionel until the RMD could decide what to do with them. Meanwhile the 2007 gold Denver Mint Car  was selling on eBay for over $1000. As you can see in the photos below instead of bullion, the 2007 Denver Mint Car has a set of 2007 US coins making it somewhat unique compared to the usual mint cars.
Another unique feature is that the car is lighted.

In the summer of 2008 the RMD board of directors decided to purchase the remaining 100 cars. The RMD took possession of 10 more gold cars and had Lionel send the other 90 to Weaver to be repainted in silver. Other than the change in color and the new number (6-52517) assigned by Lionel these silver cars are identical to the gold cars. Of the 90 silver cars,  80 were sold or given as rewards to RMD members, while 10 will be held by the RMD for future rewards to RMD members. The idea behind repainting was to raise money for the RMD while preserving the value of the gold banquet cars. I was awarded one for work that I performed at the 2007 Convention plus I also purchased one.

If you are interested in owning a
2007 Silver or Gold Denver Mint Banquet Car watch this site. If I run across any 2007 Gold or Silver cars for sale I’ll put them up on my For Sale page.