Tranz4mr’s HOn3 Layout


Most railroads in Colorado started out as 3’ narrow gauge track to navigate the steep grades and to navigate through the sharp turning canyons. My layout models the fictitious railroad called the Colorado and San Juan and includes towns from the Colorado and Southern (South Park Line), Colorado and Northwestern and the Rio Grande narrow gauge railroad. When my family friend John Oliver passed away I found that he had left his HOn3 layout and trains to me. This handsome HOn3 layout has it’s track laid and is electrically complete. Scenery is about 70% complete. So far I’ve added an NCE DCC system, rewired the turntable and have re-motored and re-geared a few of the brass engines. I’ve also wired a programming track and repaired the track where it crossed from module to module. Next up is scenery and installing DCC to the brass engines.