Tranz4mr’s ZW Page


ZW - Handle Replacement

There is a really easy way to remove ZW Handles without prying pulling or cracking them. The original ZW handles have a 4-40 nut molded inside the handle just for this purpose.

  1. First go to Home Depot and buy a #4 -40 by 1” long machine screw with a hex head or slotted head for about 30 cents. I just so happened to have an allen head screw so that is what is shown in Photo 1.

  2. The original ZW handles have a small hole in the center of them. Inside that hole is a nut that was ingeniously buried inside by some post war Lionel engineer. Photo 2.

  3. Screw the 4-40 screw into the hole clockwise using a wrench or straight screwdriver as required. Since I had an allen head screw I used an allen wrench. Photo 2 and 3.

  4. The ZW handle will be pushed off the side of the ZW. Figure 3

  5. Align the slot in the inside of the new handle with the tabs on the ZW handle shaft and push the new handle on.

  6. Done. So easy even an MTJ member can do it! 

Photo #1 - 4-40 x 1” long screw.
Photo #2 - Turn the 4-40 x 1” screw into the side of the broken ZW handle.

Photo #3 - Use a wrench or screwdriver and keep turning the 4-40 screw Clockwise into ZW handle until it is pushed off.