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I have been collecting and or running toy trains since I was a young child. Mostly Lionel O Gauge and Standard Gauge. Now I collect mostly modern scale trains. I do like to restore pre and postwar trains for myself and friends.


My two girls have gone off to college. The basement has been repainted, new laminate wood floor has been installed, the room has been stripped of all girl related items and the man cave is ready for trains! I added a lounge area, fridge, train desk, laptop and a bigscreen TV that can swing from the layout back to the lounge area and desk. One small hitch.  Recently I found out that a family friend left his HOn3 layout and trains to me. This handsome HOn3 layout has it’s track laid and is electrically complete. Scenery is about 70% complete. Looks like the 3 rail O is going to have to wait a little longer until the retirement basement with a home on top comes along in a few years. The layout models my favorite railway, southwest Colorado’s DRGW narrow gauge railway. Photos soon!

As to my other train related passions I have become very good at repairing and restoring Lionel trains. To raise money for collecting I’ve become specialized at repairing postwar  ZW’s and most other transformers for friends - hence the name Tranz4mr. I guess its the mechanical engineer in me that enjoys the history of electrical materials and ideas that these old transformers teach you.Visit the ZW Page, the KW Page and More Transformers page for some cool hints and upgrade tips.

Send me an email at the link below if you have questions or just need to talk. Thanks for stopping by.

Kent   - AKA Tranz4mr

Welcome to Tranz4mr’s 3 Rail World


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  2. Added my HOn3 Layout to Layouts


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