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Below are various pages concerning all things ZW

both postwar and modern


To raise money for collecting I have become specialized at repairing Postwar & Modern transformers for friends - hence the nickname Tranz4mr.  Please be sure to email me if you have questions or have something to add.

Please add comments or questions to the Blog-Comments page.

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ZW Type R Hum FixZW_Type_R_Hum_Fix.html
ZW 250 VS. ZW275 Type RZW_250_vs._ZW_275_Type_R.html
Modern ZW’sModern_ZWs.html
ZW Whistle DiodesZW_Whistle_Diodes.html
ZW Handle ReplacementZW_Handle_Replacement.html
ZW CheckoutZW_Checkout.html
Polishing Bakelite & PlasticPolishing_Bakelite_%26_Plastic.html
ZW/VW VariationsZW_VW_Variations.html